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VINE Star ARRESTED!! – Social Media Fails February 2015


No lessons were learned after January’s episode, because February was full of some more really, really stupid social media fails.

VonMar Arrested –

Papa Johns VS Iggy Azalea –

Zach Braff/Pharrell –

Chipotle Twitter Hack –

I Just F*cked Edelman –

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  1. Abe Of Oddworld

    Why do you HAVE to say that you’re white liberal douche bags??? You’re
    JUST liberal douche bags, there’s no reason to put white in there.

  2. KEPLER 01

    6:15 smh lol of course they jumped straight to the race card. always
    jumping on the race wagon any chance *they* get

  3. idiotshow325

    Not all viner’s are like that ahole. When I go on vine I see comedy that is
    NOT prank’s, and people sharing there art’s and talent’s like music, food,
    ETC. Maybe it’s just that I follow people better than that guy, but really,
    in conclusion, vine is NOT that bad a place, and is NOT for lowlifes. 

  4. wesley Colin

    Fuck anyone who thinks doing “pranks” on youtube is funny its all stupid
    and you’re only embarrassing yourself. Oh and go die.

  5. Greg Mosley

    What this guy did is wrong and bullshit. Placing false charges on him is
    wrong in itself. He didn’t steal or break in he just damaged a small
    portion of goods in the gas station. If I was the guy I would sue the
    county and state.

  6. cripterket

    It would be interesting if someone hacked the isis social media accounts
    and covered them with patriotic messages for turkey on October 29th

  7. Dillon Nielson

    You guys are being grandpas about YouTube Pranksters, some of them are
    actually pretty funny and don’t resolve to sexual harassment to make their
    pranks. Look at Roman Atwood for example his pranks and vlog channel are
    dedicated to making people smile. Smilemore being his brand name and
    slogan. His new ball pit prank where he filled his whole house will plastic
    balls and a huge trampoline so his kids, friends and family could have fun
    and to see his wife’s reaction. Nissian saw this and put it in their “With
    Dad” ad for the Super Bowl. Not only did Roman Atwood get the pleasure of
    being in a Super Bowl ad watched by millions of people for a small harmless
    prank, but he was also given a 2015 Nissan GTR as a thank you and keep it
    up. Not all pranksters are bad, so don’t perceive them as that. 

  8. Bryan Estep

    Jail for that? That’s like punching a baby because they were crying. I
    would have just fined him and contacted the companies he has accounts with
    like insta and vine to talk about his accounts being banned. 

  9. David Clunie

    +ETC News You guys are wrong on the Iggy incident, while “data breach” is
    serious putting that on a tweat isn’t, she should have first hand contacted
    them directly instead of trying to make a media circus out of the situation
    and garnering herself some publicity, which is why her “serious, and
    unprofessional” tweets are bullshit. If she HAD contacted papa johns first
    directly and they blew things off, THEN going to twitter to raise a stink
    would be fine, but as a first tier support mechinism twitter IS NOT what
    you go to first to complain about something like this.

  10. Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster

    Did Sam Peppers go to jail, or is that still going through the courts?

  11. punkybrewstar83

    Also- why even talk about the vine guys race at all? Why does it even
    matter? He is a person who happens to be an idiot- they’ve got idiots
    available in all races on this planet.

  12. Tresson Karu

    I think this VonMar got forgets that, 1. some of the stuff jackass did was
    to each other as friends; like the one where they dropped bam in a pit of
    fake snakes, personally feel it was over the line cause from what i heard
    in the scene bam has a huge fear of snakes, and if he had gotten a
    heart-attack it wouldn’t be that funny, but that’s just me, 2. jackass was
    own by a big tv company, so never if they fucked up, the mtv lawyers would
    probably pay for anything they broke, or sometimes gotten permission from
    certain people to do what they did; in the first movie, the jackass crew
    said they gotten permission to wreck pretty much everything in the mini
    golf course, and 3. there’s a big difference between being a pranksters or
    in someways being a dick to be funny; like jackass crew at the golf course
    with the air horn, and being a dick just to be an asshole. Also, what’s
    funny about just jumping on shit? I man maybe once is funny, but if that’s
    like you do that’s just as bad as a stand up saying the same 5 knock knock
    jokes over and over. Do something different! 

  13. Erichev

    I like some of Iggy’s songs, but why do people think she is good looking? I
    will go on listening to her songs, but damn is she flat chested.

  14. iTroozTrooperDown

    Jesus guys you’re such joykills, what is it with you and being so borring.
    You’re like two granpas complaining about ‘kids these days’.

    Like really, the Iggy thingy, I’m sure they sent her a private appology and
    played it cool un public twitter because fuck, it was funny, it is funny,
    You just lost your touch Ricky and Eliot, you’re like two old teenage
    grumps now: ‘hurr durr everybody is an idiot, this is not funny’

    of course it is funny you… whatever. IG crew used to handle controversy
    much much better.

  15. Hot Pocky!

    Why would you guys watch a fraud like keemstar!? I feel like the internet
    magically forgot how he pretty much got F@G suspended because he was
    “selling” youtube partnerships. Normally I would say sure..the pasts the
    past but low and behold! He still has the “Get your partnership” link on
    all of his videos. Fuck that guy.

  16. The Incredible Mr Joe

    Shut the fuck up. That is all I can think of when I read your fool words.
    There are real problems building in the world as increasing numbers of
    innocents are being slaughtered. A few days ago Isis beheaded 21 people for
    simply being christians. Today they beheaded 43 more people on tape. They
    burned the Jordan pilot alive on tape and all you stupid pieces of shit can
    think about is what annoys you or makes you happy. Isis now controls the
    majority of 5 different countries. It is the duty of all to see this and
    act. Speak out. Shout in the faces of the daft politicians who will not
    allow us to go to war to remove these human trafficking, drug smuggling,
    mass murderirng monsters.


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