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The Color of a Dress Ignites Debate on Social Media


What color is this dress? The picture popped up on tumblr and is blazing across social media. The question: what colors do you see? Some see blue and black, while others see white and gold.The Color of a Dress Ignites Debate on Social Media



    Talking about some damn dress when it was the anniversary of trayvon
    martins death lol

  2. Fratomon

    In the thumbnail I see gold and white, and then its black and blue in the
    video. Go back to the thumbnail, blue again.

    I hate this thing.

  3. sorellman

    If humankind can’t see the dress is gold and white, then we are in deep
    shiest. If people are debating what color that dress is, than how do we
    expect to be solving the more complex problems we are confronted with?
    Seeing without seeing, the most dangerous illness humankind is afflicted

  4. evancortez2

    Is this a joke? Is this a prank? It’s not even April Fool’s day! It’s
    clearly gold and white. End of discussion. Let’s move on.

  5. Hausofcozy108

    It’s a gold and white dress, shown in a blue tone light which darkens it
    creating a shadow illusion ..

    People arguing there’s black in it must have really poor vision.

  6. Trent Stewart

    The video is titled “he Color of a Dress Ignites Debate on Social Media”
    why the fuck do i care about a stupid wood cabin, susubscribing from this
    buillshit fake crap FUCK YOU ABC NEWS

  7. Sally L

    The dress changes colour for me I literally see it change from white and
    gold to black and blue.

  8. JoeThe Pandaa

    Soooo they decided to make this video mainly about a fucking dress but who
    gives a fuck about Isis that’s trying to take over the whole fucking

  9. Brandon Burrows

    Look, guys… Regardless of what you see the fabric it’s made out of is
    golden and white. Just because half of the world is a bunch of freaks who
    see in double contrast it doesn’t change the properties of the physical
    dress in the real world. If you were to put the thing in a room that was
    well lit on a white background the consensus would be it was WHITE and


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