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Social Media: The new propaganda war tool – BBC News


The Arab Spring woke the world up to the power of social media like Twitter and Facebook to effect huge political change. But now in the latest conflicts throughout the Middle East, the internet has become an instrument of terror as well. ISIS has released horrific footage of atrocities it’s committed, to frighten and demoralise its enemies – so that they flee before a bullet has been even fired. Lyse Doucet reports on the new propaganda war. And a warning, her film contains disturbing images.


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  1. Lee Burkett

    The Arab Spring was a change in window dressing only. No meaningful change
    was brought about. Figureheads were replaced while the machinery of the
    transnational corporate agenda continued without disruption.
    Social media was manipulated to create the perception that the voice of the
    People was finally being heard.

  2. Rai Bahadur Singh

    So it’s about trolls of revolutions vs trolls of the state. 

  3. Anon Ymous

    In the UK for example, in the USA, in Russia it’s all the same. Why is this
    even a story when the BBC know they’re going to be accused of spreading
    propaganda too. 

  4. Daniel E.

    Social medias are more and more tailored to match what *you* find important
    as news rather than what the world is thinking in general. This can easly
    lead up to channeling violent hate groups.
    One person that agrees with the other on a discussion can add nothing more
    than extrapolation over already known points of view. Sum that up over a
    chunk load of haters and you get yourself a war.

    Take a look at Youtube comments now. Now each one sees different top
    comments based on their personalities and preferences. This means that more
    and more you will see less people disagreeing with you, thus keeping
    discussions closed minded and back to the dark ages.

  5. adventuresinbelieving

    They should take their stinkin wars and hold them in cyberspace…blood
    thirsty excuses for human beings. 

  6. benp87

    What’s the matter BBC? Jews are starting to defend themselves by all means
    instead of sitting quite and wait to die by anti-Semitics like you, so you
    mock them for it?

  7. Nati Ea

    so ISIS is bad but if HAMAS is attacking jews so the world make it

  8. Malak Adam

    The teroriste stat of Israel bomb civilians and destroy them by tens,
    hundreds, thousands. Since 50 years ago. Even if before Hamas exist

    And the international community has “obviously” understood it is the right
    of Israel to defend themselves against

    The ethics of the State of Israel, from all political parties, is imposed
    on the world and Arab governments, as Asian and Western fold
    hypocritically. And because this hypocrisy is shared, and international,
    human beings and citizens around the world should make it an international
    cause of defending the dignity of our humanity.
    You can share your hypocrisy. But the history will keep the truth : the
    news nazis it’s Israel. Colonize Palestine and killing children’s and
    women’s it’s genocide. That’s it.

  9. Richard Devines

    the real reason why muslims are mad at BBC,CNN, FRANCE 24, etc is because
    the modern world is starting to figure out how these 7th century apes are
    using the media for their propaganda BS islamic news jihad which is lie as
    much as we can to gain sympathy. i truly dont feel sorry for no muslim
    after seeing how these apes treat non muslims its disgusting. 

  10. Free Palestine

    Israeli Zionist terrorism will invade the world if it defeated Hamas in

  11. Jim Cman

    This is pathetic. People killing each other based on religion. Then they
    call themselves civilized. 

  12. Google+ is Censorship

    Very true.
    Social media like Foxnews have at least recruited 9800 fighters for ISIS
    through its reporting style. 

  13. Kenny Williams

    Hmm the BBC is the biggest machine of them all. Turn the crap OFF and
    cancel your licence fee.

  14. zaini abdullah

    Israel did not deform truth, it inverts it; an ‘Alice in Wonderland’
    narratives of Israeli actions that American and British media like the BBC
    dutifully insert into their stories – required under Jew-controlled media
    and journalistic rules, although they know its untrue.
    The intentional killings of children in Israeli lexicon become “children
    caught in the crossfire”; when their F16 dropped 1,000 pounds fragmentation
    or sometime phosphorous bombs on Gaza it become “surgical strike on a
    bomb-making factory”. The destructions of civilians shelters for the
    destitute and homeless become “the demolition of the homes of terrorists”.
    The striking on UN schools, as well as medical clinics and mosques, become
    “arms depots or launching sites.”
    Israeli’s BIG LIE feeds two reactions it seek to elicit – racism among its
    supporters, and terror among its victims.


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