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Social Media Company Facebook लाया बंपर नौकरियों का offer, खुल रहा है नया ऑफिस


It is a great news for the students associated with engineering and the staff working in this field. Social media company Facebook will open a new office in London today This will be the largest engineering center outside of the US. The company’s office is near Oxford Street in the West End area of ​​the city. This will create around 800 jobs, half of which will be connected to engineer. Facebook opened its office ten years ago. The company says that the number of employees at the local level from the new office will reach 2300 by the end of next year. Company Vice President Nicol Mendelan told the UK Press Association, “In the last decade this country has been a major part of Facebook’s journey. Now we are more committed to the UK. He said, “In the case of the flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem and engineering efficiency, UK tech company is one of the best countries in the world in terms of international fame.” Britain’s Finance Minister Philip Hammond said that this proves that Britain is the best place to build new businesses.
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