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Social Media and News – Is it Reliable?


The role of news in social media was examined by the Pew Research Center who reported that the top three social media sites from which people get their news are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and three in ten American adults get at least some of their news through Facebook. Lissette Padilla and Gabriel Mizrahi discuss the problems with getting your news from your friends instead of an accredited news source, in this clip from the Lip News.

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  1. Nathan Achatz

    web searching sites like Duckduckgo doesnt trap you into filter bubbles
    like google and facebook. They also dont track you and your searches.

  2. Inannalu

    Unless you are actively trying to balance what appears in your feed,
    Facebook can be a vicious filter bubble. Generally, Reddit > Facebook:

  3. Gabe King

    “Accredited news” ? Like what… The Lip ? lmao. I you want REAL news,
    go to Drudge or Alex Jones Infowars dot com.

  4. Sally Wolf

    Youtube is pretty bad for helping you find new things too. I really wish it
    would stop suggesting i subscribe to things i’vwe unsubscribed from and
    start suggesting things based on something other than what I’ve recently

  5. Wolfee Darkfang

    I don’t find facebook reliable for anything because it selects what it
    thinks I want to see. I would rather pick from a list of articles, which is
    why I like RSS feeds and YouTube channels. On facebook I’m following lots
    of people, but most of their content gets pushed down in favor of stuff my
    close family or friends shared, which 80% of I don’t care about.

  6. Jenny Blank

    No, I don’t believe ANYTHING on FB. If it’s something interesting, I check
    several other sources (not trying to sell me something). YouTube certainly
    isn’t reliable…and doing any meaningful research on YT is tedious and
    time consuming (and distracting). It’s hard to know who to trust anymore.
    I do some CNN, Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews, and one local NW news channel
    is Ok.

  7. hydro1957

    How much longer will it be before the people understand we are have been
    manipulated by our government for over 70 years. All we do is go home and
    watch the evening news/daily instructions. The average world citizen is
    more concerned with the new cell phone improvements than they are about
    the corrupt world government. The lie, they cheat, they steal and don’t
    care if we know. They know we are spineless and weak minded and with a
    little pressure will fold. The world’s governments and trolls in this room
    count on this.


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