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Giuliana Rancic’s Apology to Zendaya Isn’t Going Over Well | Hollyscoop News


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Zendaya Rocks New Dreadlocks on the Red Carpet►►

Giuliana Rancic’s apology to Zendaya isn’t going over well on social media.

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  1. Robloxox Gal

    I was kind of shocked to see Zendaya with dread locks but honestly they are
    actually kind of cute…

  2. MsRandomnotes1

    Guliana,take a LONG look in the mirror dear, at you’re anorexic,fake teeth
    self, before making comments on other peoples appearance,just sayin…

  3. VICKY V

    ZEN-DAY-YA not ZEN-DIE-YA read the comments to ur own videos, I’ve been
    fucking tell u this since the beginning of time, shouldn’t be talking about
    offense when ur offending the person by call them the wrong name too!!!!! 

  4. sarah

    Remember those things called jokes? Please, Joan Rivers has said worse in
    the show. Get over it! !

  5. michii834

    This bitch needs to get fired! Skinny ugly bitch she looks like a fucken
    alien with her big ass head! Ignorant bitch. Im not black but clearly this
    bitch is a racist hater! 

  6. BytheRiv9

    She’s only apologizing because she’s getting so much negative feedback. She
    was trying to be funny and it backfired.

  7. LezBeCool

    This bitch. That “Bohemian Chic Look” CAME FROM BLACK PEOPLE! So yes, what
    she said was racist. I’m not surprised. Most people are inherently racist,
    and don’t realize it until someone calls them out about it. SMH. 

  8. crystal richardson

    Giuliani, you discuss me. I usually don’t comment on anything, but Fuck
    your apology I am very offended. 


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