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Gabby Douglas Speaks Out Following Hateful Social Media Bullying


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The 20 year old athlete has received some major backlash during the games and despite the fact that she tried to rise about and “stay off the internet,” she noted that the negativity did affect her. She told ET QUOTE “Either it was about my hair or my hand not over my heart [on the medal podium] or I look depressed…It was hurtful. It was hurtful. It was. It’s been kind of a lot to deal with.”
“I’ve always said it was an honor to represent the U.S. You always do this for your country, and then, like people say, for yourself and other people.”
Gaby was huge stand out at the London Olympics four years ago and this time around she’s struggled a bit, coming in 7th on the uneven bars instead of 1st. She admitted that QUOTE “In my head, I pictured it a little bit differently. You want to picture yourself being on top and doing amazing gymnastics.” Gaby – girl – I still want to congratulate you on being 7th in the world at something most of us couldn’t even attempt. The gymnast received flack for not putting her hand over her heart during the national anthem and for looking like she wasn’t happy to be supporting her teammates from the stands and social media trolls dubbed her “Crabby Gabby.” Criticism was so bad in fact, Gabby explained herself saying I apologize if [I seemed] really mad in the stands. I wasn’t. I was supporting Aly [Raisman]. And I always will support them and respect them in everything they do. I never want anyone to take it as I was jealous or I wanted attention. Never. I support them, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t showing it.
Is it just me or do people on social media need to calm DOWN. Life’s too short to be so negative – so what do you all say we spread some love in the comments section here. Congratulate Gabby on being a gold medalist and for repping team USA. When you’re done with that click here to see us throw it way back Olympics style with a bunch of celebs I bet you guys didn’t know were athletes! Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver, I’m Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you later!

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