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Exclusive: Islamic State Commander Says British Teens Were Groomed On Social Media


A former senior female commander from Islamic State has told Sky News she has no doubt that three London teenagers who crossed into Syria in February were groomed by a team of social media experts in Raqqa.

The woman, who calls herself Um Asmah and who defected from IS just days ago, was the first person to contact foreign girls crossing the border.

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Android Islamic State Commander Says British Teens Were Groomed On Social Media


  1. lilyloveponies

    What I dont understand is how people get so messed up as to want to go to
    syria and join terroist groups anyway…

  2. Steve Harris

    She made her bed so now she must lie in it. No sympathy for her at all. I
    would send her back. 

  3. Helmut McFranklinstein

    If she’s trying to get sympathy for her plight then it’s not going to work.
    This woman was part of a barbarous, murdering death cult and should not be
    trusted in the slightest. The same should apply to ALL Islamic State
    defectors. Who knows what their real motives are.

  4. MrFurling

    IS was created in the USA and is funded by CIA terrorists!. This is being
    used as propaganda for the fascist corrupt, criminal Tory government to
    bring in more restrictions and spy on people more. Why the title above.

  5. Sean O'Hanlon

    She clearly said that they would die in Syria or Iraq but then the
    interviewer goes on to say that she said they would be coming back to
    Britain to carry out attacks … Smells like he’s putting words in her
    mouth I never once heard her say they would carry out attacks in Britain 

  6. BuzzLOLOL

    . Won’t work on me… I’ve never been stupid enough to succumb to religion
    addiction/psychosis mental illness…

  7. Mohd Noh Nasir

    How much they pay this fake IS Ummu Asmah to acting in this video…
    Totally Fake

  8. SabuPtolemy

    Europe needs to be DE-Islamized in a major way otherwise this supremacist
    fascist death cult will do to us what European intrusion did to the Native
    Americans centuries ago.

  9. LightUpon Light

    Rupert Murdock’s Sky propaganda

    This speaker is an Arab woman who is Asads Shia activist…

  10. LightUpon Light

    3:04 looololol she cannot even define the word GROOM…..
    Lmao….Sky uses the word….

    Daesh is the word she uses…this word is used by non Sunni Muslims…

    Once again illegal misreporting

  11. Sweet P

    They may have been groomed and no doubt bolstered by one another, but they
    knew what they were getting into. We’ve all seen the news and read the
    papers! Anybody who sets out to murder others deserves everything they


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