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Emtee accidentally live streams on social media


Emtee accidentally live-streams his pe*** on social media.

Local rapper Emtee accidentally broadcast his pe*** to 737000 Instagram fans during a live-stream gone-wrong on Sunday.
The video and screenshots of the rapper’s manhood soon went viral and started trending almost immediately on Twitter. “Emtee” was number two on Twitter’s trending list at the time of publishing.
here’s how it happened:
The Roll Up hitmaker took his phone with him to the restroom and continued his live-stream while relieving himself. He can be heard saying: “Last night was lit.”
When he flushes the toilet he accidentally uses the same hand holding his cellphone, and his pe*** is broadcast in full view. The camera then zooms in on a shocked Emtee’s face and he says: “I hope you didn’t see my dick by accident.”
Oh, but we did.
What a huge misstaken!!!!

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