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7 Celebs Who Will Never Join Social Media


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Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few forms of social media that the world seems to be addicted to, but believe it or not, there are certain celebrities who wouldn’t touch these things with a 10 foot pole.
Yes, while some stars have fully embraced the power of social media – cough TAYLOR SWIFT cough – other famous faces are saying thanks but no thanks to joining these online communities. And some of their reasons why might surprise you!
And that is why we’re here today my friends – we’re giving you seven celebrities who will NEVER join social media.

1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Kristen Stewart
3. Amy Poehler
4. Chris Hemsworth
5. Dakota Fanning
6. Tina Fey
7. Mila Kunis

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  1. IIKaiserII

    They don’t join social media because they don’t think they don’t need that
    side of the marketing. Celebs on twitter are only on twitter to sell stuff
    to their fans. 

  2. Elizabeth Roberts

    I wish I had the power to not be on social media. I feel like it completely
    takes over everyone’s life. Nobody has any face to face social skills
    anymore. It’s seriously sad

  3. Anna Chapman

    Personally I like social media. Mainly Instagram because I like sharing my
    photos with friends, but I have Snapchat and Facebook too. (I don’t count
    YouTube as social media because I mainly watch videos) I do understand the
    reasons why they wouldn’t join because some people are addicted and post
    stupid things. Anyway, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say :)

  4. beaub m

    I honestly have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts but I never use
    it. I was really exited to use it at first, but then soon after, I got
    bored. I seriously don’t get how people stay on their phones all the time
    because I can never do that.

  5. The Assassin

    Im proud of them, I for one won’t touch any of these sites, mainly too i
    have a good reason, but no one would understand it..

  6. dtigraki

    #1 And that’s why i love Jennifer Lawrence
    #2 Wow, she finally said something actually wise
    #3 Thank God, a rare celebrity that is not addicted to compliments, looks
    #4 Wow, I never realised that.THNX CHRIS
    #5 Good for you!Go, girl.
    #6 Amen!Tina Fey, you ROCK!
    #7 Good, someone understands me!

  7. Senior Steffan

    Kirsten is such a shit actor, not just because of Twilight. Has anyone seen
    Clouds of sils Maria? What a piece of shit.

  8. Francozilla

    Great to know there are famous people NOT into Social Media. I’m 34 and not
    once do I ever plan to have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. My
    YouTube handle is about the closest I’ll ever have to a Social Media
    account, and I not fond cellphones, iPods either. Yup, I’m about as old
    fashioned as they get, and I tend go for either a few days to weeks not
    either using my desktop or watching TV at all. The good ol’ newspaper is
    enough for me to keep tabs with current events. I much rather get in touch
    people IN PERSON as oppose to twitting, texting or e-mails. 

  9. Artemis Collins

    the only social media I have is youtube and google+. But it’s creepy that
    people pretend to be celebs. *-*

  10. xAaeiynx

    There are many different forms of people. Some like electronics (like me)
    and some don’t. I would just like to be respected for who I am and my
    interests. That’s why I turned to the internet. Believe it or not, I have
    met some amazing people over the internet. I’ve met amazing people in real
    life. I just think the internet opens up more of what’s out there. I
    don’t think the internet has ruined society. I think society ruined
    itself. Go out there and make conversations and show interests in people’s
    interests. The problem is people not caring about other people’s
    interests, not the internet. I do a BBQ once a week, and we hang outside
    and chat. My fiance and I go out on a date once or twice a week. Maybe if
    people started taking interests in other people’s interests, they wouldn’t
    need to turn to the internet for that support.

  11. Matilda Damstrom

    Anybody else noticed that all the celebs are actors/TV-personalities? Not
    even one musician? Maybe it’s because actors, like Chris Hemsworth did
    explain, is portraying characters and doesn’t need to be known on social
    media. Musicians on the other hand has themselves as a brand to sell. If
    for example Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber would stay off social media,
    they wouldn’t have as many fans because it would be hard to follow them if
    you didn’t know anything about them. Don’t you agree? 

  12. missybeans1

    I wish I could be like them I’m honestly so addicted to Twitter and
    Instagram it’s ridiculous. But I don’t have them to necessarily post my own
    content It’s to follow other accounts that post funny content that I enjoy.
    and seeing and keeping up with everything else that’s going on like music
    related things

  13. Natalia Li

    Dont forget about Johhny Depp though! idont think he is really speaking
    about it but i feel it just isnt his thing

  14. Alex Ross

    Im not going to say good job to these celebs being off of social medias,
    because I think social media is cool. There is a difference between having
    an account, and having an obsession. If asked to give up my twitter,
    instagram, and facebook I would probably delete them, but they do keep me
    entertained when i am bored


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