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WordPress SEO (by Yoast) Setup Guide


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A complete guide to setting up the fantastic SEO plugin for WordPress. WordPress SEO (by Yoast)

There is a follow up video to this which addresses an issue with Facebook OpenGraph:
Pressability.netWordPress SEO (by Yoast) Setup Guide


  1. Rachita Upreti

    My XML- Site map is showing 404 Not Found ……. I have already uploaded
    the sitemap in my site but still XML-site map is not working yet

  2. Pete Emmert

    Hello and thank you. I am very new with this sort of thing. So far I like
    this SEO much better than the all in one. My trouble is this, In the
    dashboard/ titles and mets/ the “home” tab, mine comes up empty compared to
    yours. All that is there on this page is “home page & front page, then
    under this is “save changes” why is this?

  3. james moreno

    Thanks for a great video, very informative and in-depth..more is always
    better and you covered it here. 

  4. Nick Ager

    My new boss has asked me to improve his SEO on an old website a few years
    ago. I’d never looked at anything like that before. Great tutorial. You’ve
    saved me from many hours of pulling my hair out!!

  5. Craig Gornall

    brilliant Video. Very helpful. I’m now top ranked on my key words :-)

  6. Chrisy

    A fantastic tutorial for anyone looking to set up WordPress SEO. Really
    worth the 45 minutes spend watching and following what you did! Thanks. 

  7. Jaleh White

    I think the SEO has changed because when I click on “Home” in Titles @
    Metas”, I don’t get the same page as in this video. Can someone tell me
    where I find it? This is what I get:

    Homepage & Front page
    You can determine the title and description for the front page by editing
    the front page itself »
    You can determine the title and description for the blog page by editing
    the blog page itself »

  8. Tom Gold

    Hi, nice tutorial.
    Just to let you know that when you hovering over the tab title no one can
    see it because it’s outside the frame.
    No big deal but I came here specifically to see how to do the title :)

  9. Ste Howard

    agreed. By the way I am a video marketer,and i use youtube to get traffic.
    I believe this specific video is very helpful thanks. you can go to my
    channel to learn more information about the exact methods you can use for
    the benefit of your online business *(how to get huge amounts of traffic,
    views on your videos, increase sales, and much more..)*. to your success!!

  10. Matt Krieger

    Great video thank you for making it! When I click “xml sitemap” I receive a
    404 error code. Any idea how to fix that?

  11. keith howlette

    Great video Barry, Plugin has changed a little bit now, wondered if you
    could do another on the latest. I found most things the same . Thanks

  12. Johnblue - Corporate Communications

    Excellent Videos! Many thanks to Pressability. 

  13. Ali Gay Ruddy

    This is outdated, my wordpress theme Attitude doesn’t show a lot of these
    so not very helpful


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