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July 12th 2012 London UK – Mark Robertson of is visiting the UK for the first time to speak to the needs of Brand Marketers, Online Marketers, Video Marketers as they strive to better understand the the dynamics of video, media and marketing

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Carla Marshall: Hi and welcome to the third of our introductory videos,
where we’ll quickly explain what we’ll be covering in depth at our video
SEO workshops coming along soon. Dave, how do you get your videos to rank
in YouTube?

Dave Holland: First of all, just throwing a video up on YouTube isn’t going
to make it viral or be seen by millions, or even thousands, for that

Carla: The fact is, at least one hour’s worth of new video is uploaded to
YouTube every single second.

Dave: Yes, as much as that. If your videos are designed to market your
business, you need to help people to find them.

Carla: The first thing that we recommend is to create your own YouTube
channel and call it after the type of product or service that you want to
be found for.

Dave: For example, Family Solicitors Leeds is a much better name than
Capsted and Grim Solicitors.

Carla: Also make sure the title of the video matches the content inside the

Dave: OK, so “How to Avoid Probate” is a better title than “Capsted and
Grim Video One.”

Carla: Another great idea is to include either a transcript of the video
content in the description or include a keyword rich paragraph about the
video itself.

Dave: That’s great. Once you’ve uploaded the video, make sure you tell
everybody through your marketing and customer contacts to bring it to their

Carla: You want to encourage people to watch the video to the very end.
Tell them to subscribe to your channel, add comments.

Dave: Share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Embed the video on their
website, link back to your website, all that stuff.

Carla: We’ll be talking in more depth in our next video about how to get
your videos to rank in Google. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Dave: Subscribe.

Carla: Don’t miss it.

Dave: We’ve studied thousands of videos in YouTube. We’ve got a pretty good
idea of why one video will rank higher than another one.

Carla: If you attend our workshop we’re going to give you all of that data.

Dave: That will give you the competitive advantage.

Carla: See you there!

Dave: See you.Video SEO Training | How To Get Your Videos To Rank on YouTube

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