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The COMPLETE 2015 SEO Guide – Basic to Advanced SEO Course


Everything you need to know to rank in 2015! Learn the new algos that hardly anyone else knows FREE – joshbachynski@gmail.comThe COMPLETE 2015 SEO Guide – Basic to Advanced SEO Course


  1. Michael Fever

    This video is pure gold. I have saved it and I’m covering my walls with
    notes from it! #psychoseo yes!

  2. Larry Moore

    Excellent course Josh. One thing that struck me. You mentioned that your
    “spammy” affiliate site jumped in rankings due to some organic social
    signals and that you did not purchase them. How did you get organic shares
    for a spammy affilate site? Not exactly content people want to share. The
    only thing I can think of is that you must have given something away in
    exchange for the shares, but that would no doubt depress the conversions
    for the purchase of the product, i.e. they would leave with the free
    product and not the paid one. So I’m a little baffled. 

  3. Felipe Restrepo

    Freaking amazing no fluff and to the point Josh, thank you.

    Let me know what you think about my offpage linkbuilding (I know it’s
    losing it’s value but I see still works):

    I’m building sub-niche specific web 2.0s properties without linking to my
    money sites at the beginning, just posting unique content (using senuke’s
    and GSA safe methods for my 2nd tier) and linking to authority sites while
    they age. Once they do I build links from the web 2.0 to my money sites
    with a diversified anchor links profile: branded (20%), generic (15%) and a
    wide variety of related search queries (65% built from keyword planner and
    google suggest) my main keyword gets targeted less than 5%.

    In your experience do you think this is a good way to build a solid linking
    I’m doing it because still see good results with web 2.0 like tumblr.

    Better not doing this thing at all? (I know you mentioned it at the end of
    the video)

    Appreciate your huge help!! repeat: freaking amazing video.

  4. Rohit Dogra

    Best resource on SEO in 2015 until now. I ave a question though, Josh. At
    54.03 you talked about avoiding Sitemap. Ae you saying avoiding site map on
    website or avoid any paid links references on website site map? 

  5. baklavaa

    Do you have a beginners video cos I find this difficult….the jargon has
    me stuck…

  6. Don Needham

    Thanks Josh I normally dont get much from the SEO videos on Youtube but I
    liked this one very much thanks bud (Subscribed)

  7. Smile Click Give

    So I am Not a SEO by any stretch of the imagination and I never leave
    comments on Youtube. This is actually my first. But you are awesome . I
    have been tempted so many times to do “Link SEO” for my new business but
    always “chickened out” feeling this is not right. I’ve been thinking about
    outreach programs and content strategy but as you mentioned brainstorming
    is HARD !

    Also this outreach thing really confuses me because I have no clue how to
    approach people but that is another topic all by itself ….

    Anyways bravo and thank you ! I wish more people would be like you
    outthere. The info you provide is simple logical and simple to understand.
    In other words your info “feels right”

    Great Job !

  8. Joseph Randall

    Hey Josh, my name is Joseph and I want thank you for creating this video!
    You didn’t have to do it but you did and I’m really grateful for it. I’m
    going to add you as a friend on Facebook if you don’t mind. The name is
    Joseph Randall.

    Once again, thank you! :D

  9. tedfaun

    Great tutorial. Very comprehensive. Thank you! One question I did have is
    in regards to attaining ‘Topical Refs’ and ‘Expert shares’ etc. Is this in
    the aim of making your website standout in general or does this only work
    for the specific thing within your site that outside sources are
    referencing or sharing? So for example if you’re an online furniture store
    which sells sofas and beds but people only keep referencing and sharing
    your beds page/s, will the sofas pages and the website in general benefit
    in the rankings from these or just the beds? And do the references of third
    parties which you cant control need to contain your targeted keywords to
    benefit you the most? 

  10. del dominguez

    This was awesome, pure value and much appreciated. Gonna email you about
    some bad SEO work I had done and 1k bad links that are f@cking my site
    up….you mentioned a way to not have them negatively affect you. Key
    point, be careful peeps! Thanks again Josh

  11. tedfaun

    oooooow i dont understand this EMQ stuff. Why is it bad? can the red apples
    example be explained further.

  12. Jacquiwin Jackson

    Thank you very much what a tutorial but i have a problem. I have a somewhat
    problem on grammar but my english is readable they say as you read it now
    do you think i can outrank website with semi correct grammar?

    Thanks for reply !

  13. Ecigarette Reviewer

    Thanks for your input Boss.
    What plugin would you recommend to cloak links for WordPress? Is Pretty
    Link sufficient do you think? Thank you

  14. Genesis John Regalado

    Go to the link and email this guy he will do your SEO and only charge after
    you get on first page https ://

  15. Jen Ruhman

    The was the BEST SEO 2015 guide that I watched on youtube. You’re also fun
    to listen to. Great job as always! Keep up the great work! CHEERS!


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