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tea time with seo #2: a lil talk


i know, this isn’t like my usual content, but i think that it’s important to talk about, especially when considering our current events. i’ve also had talks with people about body positivity on tumblr this past week, and idk, i just felt like i needed to talk about this. don’t worry; i’ll be making my regular videos again.
and no, this is not a face reveal because i’m uncomfortable with the thought of showing my face online at the moment. thank you for understanding!

i was a little scared to upload this, but i think it’s better if i upload it anyways. please feel free to leave feedback and your thoughts on it as well. thanks for watching :’)

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programs used ⇒ adobe premiere pro cs6, adobe after effects cs6

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music ⇒ piano cover of rachael yamagata’s “be be your love” – pianohearttea time with seo #2: a lil talk

So, what do you think ?