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Source Phoenix SEO Training Course Reviews and Bonuses

0 Here is what about Source Phoenix SEO Training Course Reviews and Bonuses
The most advanced coaching program released this year from the best experts
Source Phoenix course is composed with four module video tutorials:

Source Phoenix Course Map

Module 1 : CORE TRAINING Module

This will train anyone whose unfamiliar with SEO and get them to the expert level and it’s composed of:
What is SEO
How SEO works
How money is made with SEO
Picking a niche
Setting up a site the right way
Creating an SEO optimized site
Linking to the Website
Module 2: Advanced Affiliate SEO Ranking
What is affiliate SEO
Choosing the best offers to promote
Choosing the best keywords and that’s the most important phase in order to convert.
Setting up an affiliate site to convert
How to build Web 2.0 properties to boost your ranking
On page SEO tactics
Outsourcing affiliate SEO
Foreign SEO niches to rank easily with less competition
Handling the new changes and managing link fluctuations, manage penalties
the best way to PBNs
Untrackable set up with Stephen Floyd
Anchor text patterns and safe linking
Affiliate ranking with Alex Miller
Module 3: Client SEO
What is client SEO
The keys to rank a client site
The best services to sell clients and how to provide them
Basics way to get clients
Advanced ways to get clients
Using Facebook to get clients
The un refusable offer method
Elance method
Module 4: Quick Cash and SEO Services
What are quick cash method
PR site rental
High-end niche method
PBN builder
Launch jacking and webinar jacking
Seo services
The SEO Nova software
Two months of group coaching with Q/A webinars from coaches including facebook interviews and questions
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