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SEO Training in Singapore by Scott Tan – Testimonial of Sue Lynn Oliveiro (Director of Homestead)


With hundreds of Website course and SEO Trainers – who can you trust?


Do you want to :
– have more business leads?
– increase your profitablity?
– reduce advertising costs?
– learn how to DIY your website design and learn how to SEO your website?

Yes with Scott Tan, you can do this. Scott Tan is the Master Trainer for SEO workshop (search engine optimisation), web design training courses,Social Media, including Facebook marketing for businesses.

With so many trainers in SEO workshops for business owners, property agents and realtors, online shop owners, who can you TRUST?

Testimonial of Sue Lynn Oliveiro, Director at Homestead :

Sue Lynn attended several courses from Scott – web design course in Singapore (using WordPress), then Search Engine Optimisation workshop and SEO Mastery for Business Owners, and has just signed up for the Social Media Express for Business Owners.

Sue Lynn believes in providing value for her clients, and likewise, expects value in receiving training from training service providers. With hundreds of SEO Training Course Workshops and Web Design Courses to choose from, why did Sue Lynn choose to attend Scott Tan’s website design course (WordPress) and SEO workshop in Singapore?

The answer lies in quality of Scott Tan’s training. Most of his students will sign up for multiple courses from him after they have attended 1 from him due to the attention they get, and the way Scott makes something complex simple for business owners who are not technically trained.

In the words of many Scott Tan’s SEO workshops and website design courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, : “Scott Tan is patient and inspiring.”

INSPIRING trainer? Aren’t all technical trainers boring or explain things in too technical a manner?

Not Scott Tan. Reason: Scott is a trainer by profession, before he became a trained website design and SEO workshop trainer. As a trained trainer, he makes even technical stuff easy to understand for his participants.

He doesn’t take anything for granted. He would even explain ‘what does seo stand for”, or basic ‘seo definition”, meaning of ‘browsers’, meaning of “URLs”, meaning of “search engine optimisation” etc. In fact, Scott Tan actually makes it interesting for his participants. Check out many of his participants’ feedback – and the reason why more than 80% of his participants sign up for more than 1 course from him. Most started with his web design course in Singapore (or Malaysia) and then progressed to his SEO Training Course in Singapore (or Malaysia)

Can you learn SEO on your won? is there SEO Training for free? There are some basic videos here :

To contact Scott Tan for your SEO and Website learning needs:

Web Design : Training in Singapore by Scott Tan – Testimonial of Sue Lynn Oliveiro (Director of Homestead)

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