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When I started back in 2009-2010; I rarely found people in Bangladesh who know SEO and has established portfolio backed up by any blog or resources.

Luckily I found Jinnat Ul Hasan vai and then Asif Anwar and Abul Kashem vai on the line who actually helped me and guided through.

But, sadly, a lot of scammers and spammers out there in Dhaka and Bangladesh who are teaching bad stuffs about SEO and misguided the beginners.

And I had to make something great so that people who can speak bangla can learn SEO as well.

Because, SEO is such a vast industry which is being increased in size everyday.

New businesses are being created everyday and new websites are being developed every minute and new opportunity of an SEO experts is being created.

So, to produce SEO experts who meets the international standards, I must have to provide them the resources and the training required.

And that is why, I have created this Online SEO training in Bangladesh for the Bengali speaking people from all over the world.

I am sure, 95% students of this online seo training will be successful and I vowed with myself to make sure that gonna be happen.

What I am focusing on this SEO course is to provide updated and trendy tutorials and support my students over Skype, Phone and Secret Facebook Group.

Support is the main catch of this SEO training as I believe you need support and a lot of support while learning SEO and Internet Marketing.

And I will be there with you to help you become successful.

See you soon here at: https://pro.nshamim.comSEO Training in Bangladesh | NShamimPRO

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