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SEO Training Course – part 6

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– Web Design Course Singapore SEO Training part 6

In the final part of our online SEO Training Course, Scott Tan shows you the latest insights regarding how search engines rank your website.

There’s also a quiz in the video to ‘test’ how much you know! Enjoy learning this online SEO course.


If you don’t SEO your website, then potential clients can’t find you. 90% of the visitors don’t leave page 1 of google searches. It’s a sad but true fact. What’s the point of working so hard on your website but have no or little traffic? Your business needs the traffic to get new clients. You can get new traffic by advertising using PPC and Google adwords, or simply applying SEO techniques on your website strategies. Why not learn Search Engine Optimization techniques from the best SEO trainer, Scott Tan? Scott is ranked number 1 in google searches for his website, youtube videos and facebook page. When you are learning SEO, shouldn’t you invest your money only in best SEO Trainer?

By learning from Scott Tan, you focus on getting clients and stop worrying about your business!

Why not learn from Scott Tan regarding Google algorithm and how Google Penguin, Google Farmer, Google Panda can impact on your website. Time to get acquainted with Matt Cutts and all the SEO top guns – SEO isn’t for big businesses with big names – it’s for small and medium businesses so that you can be found online!

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