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SEO training is usually very expensive and exclusive. I’m excited to share with you a complete SEO training course that is now available to you from a true guru in the SEO world. Tommy Griffith is the SEO manager for Paypal and he walks you through every step of understanding SEO in his training course. His SEO course includes over 65 lessons in video format. He covers everything in SEO and you don’t need any experience or background in SEO in order to become an expert. Over 400 students agree with me that this SEO video course is extremely valuable, so check it out.SEO Training Course online – Learn SEO from an Expert


  1. Spook SEO

    Hey Matt. I totally agree with what you said about the line being gray on
    the bad and good SEO practices. It’s because of these things that a lot of
    people are getting penalized even when they think that what they’re doing
    are supposed to be “good” prctices. Awesome vid! Keep ‘em coming.


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