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Seo Taiji – MAMA 2014 Live Reaction, Non-Kpop Fan Reaction [HD]


We were pretty tired of watching MAMA performances, so regretfully this was the last one of MAMA 2014. Sorry we didn’t get to all the artist that performed, but for the last video, we did Seo Taiji’s performance of “Sogyeokdong” with IU, followed by “” and ending with “Come Back Home” with Zico and Vasco! Comment/Rate/Subscribe!Seo Taiji – MAMA 2014 Live Reaction, Non-Kpop Fan Reaction [HD]


  1. Nsha76

    ughhh finally MAMA is over….. I was getting so bored tbh.. all reactions
    were just MAMA… MAMA… MAMA…. glad it was the last one! 

  2. takanarisdc

    Can you guys do Block B – Very good or Hi Suhyun’s – I’m Different? I think
    their commentary on those would be awesome.

  3. Hzt ani

    Hi guys :D
    Please react to EXO performance at MAMA Awards 2013
    It’s so COOL ~
    Please ? :c 

  4. Proo Pandaj

    Thanks for doing this! I requested it couple days ago and I’m very happy to
    see you doing it cause it was my fav performance of the MAMA :)

  5. kdramacrazy94

    you should react to the actual MV the cinema version! It has
    alot of meaning

  6. May hyun

    Please react to ZIA’s If You Loved me, Yoseob’s Caffeine, Topp Dogg’s Say
    it or Peekaboo or Bobby’s Go thanks!! 

  7. Crazy4me87

    I was waiting for Infinite’ reaction. I was checking everyday, and i was
    thinking maybe today…too bad :'( .They won 2 awards in MAMA 2014, and
    they were mistreated last year and this year too that’s their perfomance
    was too short maybe because they are not from big compeny, this what i
    heard? I hope this is not true.
    It will be great if you react to their live perfomance. Anyway i enjoy your
    reactions so much…

  8. 2NewEvolution1

    Pls react to
    1. BIGBANG MAMA 2012
    2. 2NE1 MAMA 2011
    3. 2NE1 SBS GAYO DAEJUN 2014

  9. Vayz Liza

    You’re all amazing on the MAMA 2014 series. I appreciate your positive
    reactions considering that you are Non-KPop Fans. I thank you…

    I have so much respect to Seo Taiji. Together with The Boys, they changed
    KPop music scene. In fact, Come back home of 2NE1 is somehow a tribute to
    Seo Taiji and Boys that even one of the dance moves were taken from the Seo
    Taiji and Boys’ Come back home song, which he performed here. For the info
    of those who have no idea, one of the members from Seo Taiji and Boys was
    YG himself.


  10. Ji Woo Kim

    I really loved you guys because you had the right information and
    background knowldege for the non kpop fans to really understand the artist
    and the songs but that doesn’t seem to show on the MAMA series this time…
    Especially with Seotaeji :'(

  11. KaKa Lam

    Though Taiji is a legend in K-Pop, most K-pop fans dont really know him or
    listen to his songs.
    Hope that you can make reaction video on the new MVs
    1. 4 Minutes – Crazy**
    2. Mad Clown – Fire( Feat Jinsil)
    3. Teen Top(Niel) – Lovekiller
    4. Infinite H – Pretty
    5. Giriboy, Mad Clown, Jooyoung(Feat. NO.MERCY) – 0 Young

  12. 이해인

    The song ‘Come Back Home’ was so influential(and he was so influential)
    that a whole load of runaway children came back home… I heard about
    this from my dad..

  13. kpop7infi

    No infinite :(
    Can you react to Destiny or the chaser…
    The chaser was no.1 song in billboard chart for 2012….. it has a unique
    sound to it, their music is different from other kpop groups. Thats why i
    like them….

  14. Stavroula Chatziandreou

    please, if possible i would like to see you react to “internet war”!! One
    of my favs and all of Seo Taiji’s skills in this song^^

  15. R&B Nyongtory

    +J.A.J Bobby- bounce (show me the money)
    Bobby- go (show me the money)
    B.i- be i (show me the money)
    Ikon- sinosijak (mix & match)
    Amber- shake that brass
    4minute- crazy
    Block b- nalinA, and very good
    I’m waiting for those reactions videos

  16. angie199324

    Random but I highly recommend doing a reaction video to Lee Hyori. She is
    another pioneer of K-Pop that has a different image than most girl
    groups/artist. She is not very cutesy and definitely oozes confidence and
    is a awesome performer. Her performance with CL on the SBS Gayo Daejun 2013
    (Bad Girl +The Baddest Female) was great. Also her performance on the MBC
    Gayo Daejun 2013 with Tiger JK and his wife Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy (Miss
    Korea +U-Go-Girl + The Cure +Monster). Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae are pioneers
    in korean hip hop that I also really recommend since you guys like hip hop
    a lot. 

  17. Kirara Remi

    SMTOWN – The sound of hanlyu @SBS MUSIC FESTIVAL JAJ u really need to
    react to this one is just amaziiing 


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