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MAMA 2014 – Seo Taiji + IU + Vasco + ZICO


The legendary, Seo Taiji took over the MAMA 2014 stage with his past and present hits featuring IU, Vasco, and Block B’s Zico!

* This video is exclusive to the U.S only!
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  1. toki b

    I NEED A STUDIO VERSION OF THIS LIKE RIGHT NOW! this rock version is so
    good wow seotaiji still killing it

  2. xolgamx

    yes cameraman, all I wanted to see was Ailee’s reaction and a drummer not
    the actual performance… thanks so much :/ 

  3. EllisInKpopland

    I seriously loved & Come back home, such great performances!

    And I love how at 11:09 BTS is just rocking out together with Block B :)

  4. ah le

    It would’ve been so fucking perfect if Come Back Home transitioned to
    2ne1’s Come Back Home and they rose up from beneath the stage about to slay
    your fucking life!!!! I need this!! 

  5. Barbara Namuche Raiser

    11:10 It seems like Block b and BTS are just one group <3
    My tow favorite groups I can't!

  6. Jarett Woosley

    This and Block B and BTS’s collab were my favorite stages of the night!
    They killed it and I love how all of the idols were jamming to Seotaiji 

  7. Kiko Bang

    The return of Linkin Pasco! XD
    I skipped to the end but it was so amazing, I’m going back to the beginning
    to watch the entire thing.

  8. Allie N.

    At exactly 12:53 in this video is that Sunggyu who’s rocking out back there
    behind PO on the left side of the screen. Well, we always knew Guy liked
    rock music.

  9. dbsksarangx3

    Ailee is precious.
    This performance was epic, in its own strange way. The synths and IU and
    rock and everything was mesmerizing.

  10. Sandy Thao

    When Ukwon and Jungkook stood up and danced I thought they were part of the
    performance. Lol.

  11. ArchTenshi Xue

    Wow eventhough I like everyone else’s performance this was the one I
    screamed for haha. Gotta get the album!

  12. Aidan Walker

    I don’t understand why this section has almost the fewest views out of all
    the performances. I mean I guess Seo Taiji isn’t as well known now by the
    younger kpop fandom that seems to comprise the viewership, but still. In my
    opinion this performance totally stole the show. I love Come Back Home and
    really enjoyed its sort of slight reworking – it had everything I loved
    about the original with a slightly different sound that I enjoyed so much,
    and the other songs were so excellent, too.

  13. Loan Huynh

    For those who said that Seo Taiji is the grandfather of Kpop, obviously,
    y’all confused rock for pop as a genre. Tsk tsk tsk I would say he is an
    amazing rock singer!!


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