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Hello Counselor – Jo Kwon, Kim Saerom, Seo Yuri & Park Boram (2015.05.18)


My husband doesn’t buy anything unless he has a coupon. He even jumps out of bed for a coupon. ‘Jumps Out of Bed’. My husband plays games from Friday night to Sunday night. He even played games when I delivered our baby. Can I smash his phone? ‘Game Over’. My mom only likes my sister. She says my sister is a treasure and I’m a piece of junk. ‘Mom, What About Me?’ Will ‘Forget It?’ win a second time?
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  1. unknown anonymous

    But whens exo ep coming tho its been a month, thought kbs was always late 2

  2. heartslee

    Eh….lamo dah den tunggu exo ni.. Boleh menimbulkan kemarahan…. Hahaha

  3. Rokhyun MyBias

    It’s done! It’s over dude!! I give up!! KBS just doesn’t like EXOLs so I’m
    gonna just die *lays down, tweets, then dies* lol juuuussssttt being stupid
    over here don’t mind me 

  4. Xxryoma555xX

    Laughed out loud when I read the title and found out it wasn’t Exo and Red

  5. Jesuferanmi Jebutu

    I kinda feel bad for the exo fans now lol. I’m sorry guys you’re getting
    trolled =/

  6. Nurul Farahaini

    i’m not that suprised since i already give up on exo and red velvet episode
    since last week. But kbs it is really not nice trolling people every week
    and you should appreciate international fans too. I’m reallh thankfull with
    all your sub video but skipping one episode and make people waiting it so
    not fun 

  7. Gwynneth Viray

    I waited the EXO episode in 2 in the morning to be uploaded. I’m sad KBS, I
    thought you knew better than to skip an episode.

  8. Michelle Hernandez

    Lmao, and here I am.. Wondering if the one with BTS has been uploaded yet

  9. Hani Park

    How can that mom be to one sided ? i feel so sad like that concern were
    mine , and that husband that always playing game just get divorce with him
    , living with him doesn’t make anything different if she divorce with him

  10. Fluffy

    Lol am I the only one who thinks these people haven’t changed and just said
    that for the broadcast, I mean you go on a talk show to talk about your
    most personal problems hoping they will win money, I remember that one
    concern that said the girl didn’t talk to her father for years but they
    glanced at each other and smiled during the show 

  11. xo love

    I literally bursted out laughing when I saw who the guests are. I know KBS
    is late with their episodes on YT but still it’s been like a month. I am an
    Exo L but there’s still BTS episode and Sunggyu if Exo isn’t aired yet then
    how long will I have to wait to those two episodes. I didn’t even try to
    look out for exos episode somewhere else bcuz I waited for KBS but this is
    a real TROLL even Return Of The Superman isn’t that late with episodes
    istg. I might as well try to find all those episodes somewhere else bcuz
    it’s not gonna be aired here anytime soon. Btw I’m regular Hello Counselor
    fan I do not watch it only for idols but it’s nice when idols u like are
    guests of course I’d wanna watch.

  12. Sereenpower

    Good Job screwing up your own show schedule even more then last week

    Like KBS seriously all these episodes you upload now are more recent than
    the one with EXO and Red Velvet. It is NOT a matter of ‘Be glad they sub
    it’ because they are just acting like arrogant little shits that screw up
    their own damn airing program while annoying people that watch the show and
    people that come for special guests. I watch this show every week but
    watching it last week even I got super annoyed by the fact that I had no
    idea who the winner was that won the week before. Just upload the damn
    episode already. It’s been delayed for over a month already.

  13. ThucThucTruong

    I’m an EXO-L, but I wasn’t one of the ones complaining about the EXO ep.
    I’m just sad because I really wanted to know the stories the EXO/RV velvet
    ep had because I only have fragments of each story because EXO subbers only
    subbed EXO’s cuts T__T. (not that I’m complaining about that either) – I’d
    get upset with this if they skipped any other episode as well because I
    have no idea what the last winner won for. I enjoy HC and wait for Monday
    very excitedly, so it’s really hard for me to know there’s an ep that’s
    been out for over a month and hasn’t been subbed fully. I’ve scoured
    google, dailymotion, youtube, etc. for the full ep subbed but there’s only
    parts of it subbed for the idols that were on it, and not the people’s

  14. Queenie Wilson

    What I want is taehyung and namjoon. Why don’t they have that episode? I’ve
    been waiting for this since they debuted. And I find out they were on an
    episode but not on this channel. Does anyone know where it is else where
    with english subs?

  15. whereverwithjen

    staying in bed sick while watching hello counselor=best thing evet

  16. MusicNFame

    The 10yr old kid is soooo adorable! The mom shouldn’t compare children, i
    just can’t emphasize how important it is TO NOT compare siblings, PLEASE
    btw i see that from reading the comments I’m not the only enjoying the
    trolling from KBS hahahaha THIS IS GOLD.

  17. nadhira amalia

    I really don’t understand why hello counselor is trolling exo-l. Even as
    regular viewer, i think it’s really unprofesional. :/ are they a kid? Skip
    an eps just to annoy exo-l?

  18. Gigi Wu

    honestly, just bc the episode with exo and rv gave u the most highest
    viewed ep in korea, it doesn’t mean you can hold your head high kbs lmao-
    this act will only give you hate by rv fans, exo-ls and even the regular
    fans who watch it no matter who the guests are.

  19. SuJu_Mimi

    Now for something NOT EXO related: Junho is so freaking adorable ^○^ The
    mom was being kinda ridiculous with how biased she is towards his
    sister…loved his dad though, all “I got your back” :D 

  20. Sara Rii

    Omg at the beggining. Somehow that remind me of youngji’s laugh xD

  21. Bintil-kheir khayriyah

    i have never disliked any video of KBS especially this show coz its my
    favorite but KBS enough is enough! how much longer will you delay EXO and
    RV episode? sorry am unliking this video today not because it is not good
    but because you are Trolling EXO and RV fans…
    if you are disappointed like DISLIKE
    EXO-Ls fightiiiing!!!!! RV (ice creams) fightiiing!!!

  22. DongHOLIC

    Junho has such a huge concern and I am surprised nobody actually said how
    serious the effect of comparison between siblings is. i hope his mom would
    stop before the relationship in the family gets worse and Junho loses his
    self-esteem. She cant force her son to be as “good” as his sister.


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