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Happy Together -Seo Janghoon, Lee Kyouhyuk, Hani (EXID) & more! (2015.02.19)


The hardship Special: Actors Lee Munsik and Choi Jeongwon, singers Yuk Seongjae and Moon Heejun, entertainers Kangnam and Sayuri join the MCs for the Hardship Special where they talk about their hardships, financial struggles and work-related incidents. There’s even a talk battle to win a pack of Korean beef!
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KakaoTalk: @kbs_world ( Together -Seo Janghoon, Lee Kyouhyuk, Hani (EXID) & more! (2015.02.19)


  1. Jojo luer

    Thank you kbs ^^ despite the guests name are wrong :) is it just me or this
    ahjussi lee munsik remind me of yang sunil of gag concert who did flying
    knee in atomic pride skit? –” really similiar. Anyway, success for the
    brave family too. Uncle park myungsoo want to hv love line w/ seolhyun
    hahah XD 웃기지마

  2. Sherly Ginting

    why i always though there’s so much talk about sunbae remind hoobae to keep
    together nowadays? it touch me so hard and i feel so sad ㅠㅠ but i know its
    because they want them all to be happy :)
    and btw idk about moon heejun had a hard time before, i really adore him
    bcz he really a great entertainer as yoo jaesuk and etc. anyone know why he
    had hard time long time ago? (i mean other than when he’s in real man

  3. Nightsky Production

    oh i though hani was on 2 times in a roll.

    sayuri say yoo jae suk doesn’t like rude or lewd jokes
    that’s make me understand why he is a Nation MC other MC make me feel
    uncomfortable to watch but YJS hardly do that to viewer.

  4. Anne-Sophie M

    Wtf @ “Munsik-shi you had a hard time with the show “and Choi Jeongwon
    saying “he almost looks like the locals” as a joke ? Really? K now I have a
    good reason not to watch this.

  5. Alexandre Le Grand

    Is kbs gonna sub brave family? I want to see how seolhyun can adapt to a
    country like Cambodia. 

  6. Sassybre342 Moon

    The show a week behind now? This was last weeks episode. Today’s show was
    Good. Moon Heejun seems to me healthy size. He doesn’t look obese. 

  7. alsadiyarto

    This was one good episode…the dynamics between the hosts and guests were
    smooth…I really enjoyed watching it :)

  8. liacokelat

    I find it hard to watch happy together nowadays since they got rid of late
    night cafeteria segment. Even if the guests looked boring, the last segment
    would at least be fun

  9. ThePolidash

    after an hour watching this, i realised that there is no the self camera
    segment in this ep

  10. Wishy

    Oh my, Sayuri’s sitting position XD The two are adorable… ^-^ Though
    Kangnam might need to work on tact. It’s still adorable though. Maybe more
    with the tactlessness :P

  11. adhika yogiswara

    wonder why kbs world not sub brave family ??
    that show much interesting than invisible man..(sorry for bad english)

  12. Thelovebug1616

    Seongjae: I can imitate a pigeon.
    **while he shows them**
    Me: **cringes from second hand embarrassment ** >.<

  13. kiyomi72

    Lee Munsik is so ADORABLE !!! I love smiley happy eyes … especially on a
    man. OPPA !!!

  14. kiyomi72

    Jo Se Ho should quit the show. He’s such a natural comedian and
    entertainer that he should have a bigger platform to showcase his talents.
    It’s sad when Myungsoo always bickers at him. And the PD’s shouldn’t edit
    him out either. He brings so much laughter to the show. I would watch the
    show even if it was just Yoo JaeSuk and the Carbon Copies. 

  15. segull009

    The guests name for this episodes are wrong, but thanks for uploading this
    show everyweek. Still enjoy watching it, really like Nation MC Yoo style of
    hosting. This episode is quite funny too, i enjoyed it.

  16. bbyong mudo

    I don’t really know about this kangnam guy.. 24:14 crossing your arms in
    front of your sunbae is a big wrong in korean society.. He’s foreigner but
    i hope he can learn more about korean society because he makes money there.


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