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E7 – Ecommerce Marketing, Optimization & SEO Training Workshop


This video is a workshop on ecommerce marketing and optimization recorded in 2016. The title of the session was Ecommerce Marketing & Optimization – From 5 and 6 Figures to 7 Figures And Beyond.

The workshop is a great starter for anyone looking to be more aggressive with marketing their online store and ecommerce business. The workshop contains some of the same material and action steps we work through with our one on one ecommerce consulting clients.

Section 1 – Protecting the Downside

Especially in the online marketing world there’s so much focus on getting bigger, selling more and marketing harder but almost no mention of security and eliminating risks. In “Protecting the Downside” we run through some simple steps that all businesses should take to protect their online assets. Often these action steps are free or almost free and in most cases will eliminate 99% or more of the risk a business is exposed to.

Section 2 – Quick Wins

If you’re like most online businesses you’re sitting on a ton of low hanging fruit or “quick wins”. Simple action steps and easy optimisation that can often increase your SEO rankings substantially and boost traffic often by 20-50% and in other cases, dramatically increase your conversion rate.

Section 3 – Models

Due to time constraints we had to keep this section short but we talk through a simple framework for understanding the various levers you can pull in your business to generate more revenue and profit.

Click here to download the slides of this workshop:

Slides also available on Slideshare: – Ecommerce Marketing, Optimization & SEO Training Workshop

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