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This is a quick demo of the ClickMinded online SEO training class. This clip covers a number of different topics, including why query refinement has changed SEO, the difference between certain types of links, my perspective on authoritative link building, and why Google will always be a “search-first” company.

Want to learn more? Check out the full class: http://www.clickminded.comClickMinded SEO Training


  1. Tommy Griffith

    I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the simplicity of the training class.
    Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it!

  2. Tommy Griffith

    Hey there. Yep, it’s also being hosted on AppSumo right now as well.
    They’re frequently offering it within email, but if you type ‘seo’ into the
    search bar on their site, it should be there :)

  3. Tommy Griffith

    I think I’m done with face-to-face training classes for the foreseeable
    future, but there’s always exceptions :) Thanks for checking out my videos!


    I can tell you one thing One of my friend showed me his cheque that he is
    receiving weekly with this killer seo strategy. Can you tell me how do I
    earn money with SEO?

  5. rosy kirtley

    I really just loved the way you uploaded and made available us this video
    to make us aware of the changes in SEO. I really give you a big hand and
    big clap, I really thank you from bottom of my heart.

  6. Tommy Griffith

    Hahaha, ummm…. thanks! I didn’t think a 6 minute demo video could be that
    moving… but I appreciate it? :)

  7. Tommy Griffith

    Search engine optimization won’t make you money. Having a great product
    that people can find will make you money. I wouldn’t go into it this way if
    I were you. My 2 c’s.

  8. Tommy Griffith

    Are you signed up on Udemy or AppSumo? What’s your username? Feel free to
    message me if you have questions, and I’m glad you like this class!

  9. Syed Usman

    I love the way you speak. Your lecture was amazingly comprehensive. I
    learnt a lot but still got lot of doubts.

  10. Spook SEO

    I completely agree with what you said about social media signals. I for one
    think that SEO is headed towards social media and content marketing. Seeing
    ow Google wants to get rid of spammy methods like bots or fake accounts,
    what better way to do that than to cross ref with the social media sites
    right? Awesome video man! Keep ‘em coming!

  11. Adam Knaggs

    Well stated, this video has been very useful for me. Thank you! By the way
    I am a full-time marketer on youtube, and I use youtube for traffic. Wanna
    learn how? You have to go to my channel and find out more about which
    methods you can use to the benefit of your web marketing business *(how to
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