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20 Free seo training videos, how to choose keywords


Here are 20 SEO training videos, they are all step by step so that people with no HTML knowledge can bring free traffic to their website!
You can get them all here for free:
http://www.secrets4seo.com20 Free seo training videos, how to choose keywords


  1. Donna S

    Thanks for sharing great tips. Wish you could provide more practical
    how-to… like exactly how-to, for example, my google keyword tool looks
    different, don’t know why. otherwise, cheers, and thanks a lot.

  2. Thomas38222

    well done. lets see if i can get through all 20 videos tonight, lol BTW
    what software did you use or recommend for screen capture and voice
    recording? I would like to use your strategies to promote my bed bug
    extermination business bedbugsri Hope to hear from you soon, Thomas

  3. Thomas38222

    the newer keyword tool looks a bit different but the functionality is the
    same. Enter your word o phrase, click “key word ideas” and them click
    search. good luck

  4. Harshana Jayanetti

    Good tutorial and relevant. You have stressed the importance of researching


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