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Vincent Stuhlen (EMBA’10Dec) on Digital Marketing at L’Oreal


Vincent Stuhlen studied computer science and started his career running an extreme sports website.  He later became digital director of Levi Straus, took an EMBA at INSEAD and is now Global Head of Digital for L’Oreal.
How did you get into the digital world? (00:18)
When did you see digital marketing start to take off? (01:10)
How did you come to join Levi Strauss? (02:08)
Why did you come to INSEAD for your EMBA? (03:27)
How did you join L’Oreal? (04:38)
What does digital transformation mean? (05:12)
What advice do you have on careers in digital marketing? (06:33)Vincent Stuhlen (EMBA’10Dec) on Digital Marketing at L’Oreal

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