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EPISODE #7: THE RUNDOWN REPORT / Top 5 Excellent Examples of Digital Marketing (December 2014)


EPISODE #7: THE RUNDOWN REPORT / Top 5 Excellent Examples of Digital Marketing (December 2014)

#1 – Whole Foods is showing off its commitment to sustainability by adding in-store digital displays. The grocer’s flagship store in Alpharetta, GA now features a wall with an Instagram feed of produce still growing at local farms and a digital mirror that recommends health products.

Why We Love It: The move demonstrates Whole Foods’ commitment to advancing the shopping experience for digitally savvy shoppers by using technology to drive new product purchases.

Category: Focus on Consideration Moments

#2 – Volkswagen created a real world social game in South Africa called “Polo Tag” to encourage test drives of the newest model of the Polo. Users were challenged to spot the new Polo along a specified route, tag it on twitter, and then test drive it.

Why We Love It: The game offered a very real pay-off since the person who test drove the car for the longest without it being tagged won a free Polo. As a result, Volkswagen saw incredible reach as well as a substantial increase in test drives of the car.

Category: Translate Experience into Actions

#3 – To show the versatility of the Civic Type R Concept, Honda created an interactive YouTube video called “The Other Side.” The video focuses on a man driving his kids around, but when users press the “R” button on their keyboard, they’re shown a parallel story line with the man attempting a heist.

Why We Love It: Honda used YouTube in a novel way to create an immersive viewing experience. At the same time, it shows product attributes in a very engaging way.

Category: Visible Commitment to the Digital User

#4 – To drive awareness and traffic to its mobile ordering & payment app, Taco Bell went dark across all of its social media platforms, in some cases wiping the accounts clean. Taco Bell’s social platforms reported that the brand was #onlyintheapp and provided a link to download it.

Why We Love It: The move ushered users to Taco Bell’s app in an unexpected way and broke through in a crowded market of mobile apps.

Category: Integrate Digital into Brands

#5 – As part of a 20th birthday celebration, Old Navy created a machine that converted selfies into giant balloon portraits in New York’s Times Square and in Los Angeles. It was able to create 1,000 selfies per day for users who sent a birthday tweet to the brand with the #Selfiebration hashtag.

Why We Love It: It makes a celebration that could easily have focused on the brand, become all about the consumer instead.

Category: Engage and Delight via a Unique Brand Proposition

Congratulations to 2014’s Golden Hashtag winners and thank you for your examples of digital excellence!

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