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Monthly Archives / February 2018

Nicki Minaj Ghosted on Social Media and Her Fans Are Stressed

Nicki Minaj fans are frantically searching for the rapper, who hasn’t made a single post on Twitter or Instagram this year. Nicki didn’t attend the Grammys and hasn’t been seen in public this year. In a state of distress, her worried Barbs have decided to launch website featuring a clock counting her time away plus […]


NEW: Multilingual SEO training

The Multilingual SEO training is for every site owner, developer or SEO who targets people in various locales and languages. Check out: The time-limited introductory price for this international SEO training will be 9. After a week, it will go to its regular price of 9. Don’t miss this great Multilingual SEO course!NEW: Multilingual […]



How can you make sure your digital marketing agency sales person is successful? It’s a combination of the right pay structure and the right training. In this video, I’m advising one of our Agency University members who is trying to hire their first sales person. They are going to pay 100% off the bat. And […]


Free SEO Training – What is SEO? Introduction to SEO

Video 1 in our training series. What is SEO? What is the purpose of SEO? How can we use SEO to gain an advantage on our compeditors. How can we SEO our website to achive top rankings on Google?Free SEO Training – What is SEO? Introduction to SEO


BP: Taxi driver na kaboses ni Pangulong Duterte, viral sa social media

Balita Pilipinas Ngayon rounds up the top stories from around the Philippines GMA’s regional stations in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It’s hosted by Mark Salazar and Maki Pulido and airs at 4:00 PM (PHL Time), Mondays to Fridays on GMA News TV Channel 11. Subscribe to the GMA News and Public Affairs channel: Visit […]


HariWon phiên dịch Tiếng Hàn CỰC CHUẨN cho HLV Park Hang-seo

Nữ ca sĩ gốc Hàn không giấu được vẻ hào hứng khi đảm nhận vai trò người phiên dịch tại sự kiện chào đón đội tuyển U23 Việt Nam tại sân vận động Thống Nhất diễn ra chiều nay (4/2). Hariwon U23 Việt Nam phiên dịch tiếng Hàn cho HLV PARK HANG SEO *** Thực […]


Smart On SEO Training Ad

The Smart On SEO Starter Course ad. Learn the basics of search engine optimization training. http://www.smartonseo.comSmart On SEO Training Ad


HLV Park Hang-seo bật khóc khi xem màn biểu diễn này

Món quà bất ngờ dành cho HLV Park Hang-seo chính là nữ ca sĩ người Hàn, hát cùng các em nhỏ ca khúc dân ca Hàn Quốc đã làm ông không kìm được nước mắt. ————————————————- Đừng quên đăng ký ủng hộ SaigonTV để cập nhật những thông tin nóng hổi trong 24h qua cùng […]


How To Sell Digital Marketing Services [The 3 Questions You Must Ask]

Download My Free Guide A lot of us struggle selling digital marketing to small businesses. In this video I offer tips for selling digital marketing. When you start with this digital marketing sales strategy you will have a lot more clarity which will allow you to focus on more traditional sales techniques. Stuart Trier […]