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Monthly Archives / December 2015

Ferguson Missouri Riots: Social media – BBC World News

Over the past four nights, heavily armed police have clashed with protesters angry at the police killing of black teenager Michael Brown in the Missouri town of Ferguson. Anne-Marie Tomchak of BBC Trending tells Maleen Saeed about the social media reaction For more: Missouri Riots: Social media – BBC World News


Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs

John McDougall of gives a presentation to a group of high school students at North Shore Community College on entry-level digital marketing jobs.Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs



Hello, my name is Dagoberto Rodriguez. I’d been doing SEO since 1998. I started doing SEO for my own sites. After a while, some friends asked me to give them a hand with their sites positioning. Later on, I decided to change my career into Internet Marketing, SEO, Website development, etc.MIAMI SEO TRAINING


SEO Training Course – Video 2: What is SEO and why is it important? ​What is SEO and why is it important – a look at Wikipedia’s definition of SEO and why that matters. Plus a look at the difference between paid and organic search listings. This video (What is SEO and why is it important?) is part of an SEO training course series of videos. Here’s where […]


20.11.2015 – ВЕБИНАР – Евгений Костин: “Подготовка сайта к продвижению. Seo оптимизация сайта”

Продвижение сайта дело не простое, если вы хотите узнать, как правильно подготовить сайт к продвижению, другими словами как оптимизировать свой сайт, чтобы он попадал в ТОП поисковых систем, то регистрируйтесь на семинар Евгения Костина по ссылке – Как продвинуть свой сайт самостоятельно? Смотрите вебинар и вы узнаете: — Как использовать SEO, если нет сайта […]


Organically Grow Twitter – Digital Marketing Tips

Here are my Digital Marketing tips on growing your twitter account organically. This should cover most the tips on growth. SOCIAL ME! LinkedIN: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Facebook: Email: Interested in joining my YouTube Network? Email me @ 90/10 Splits, One on one consultants, Tips, Editors, & More.Organically Grow […]