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Monthly Archives / February 2015

Advanced SEO Training in Urdu/Hindi for 2014-2015

Visit: for all of my tutorials in Urdu/Hindi. In this new short & advanced Search Engine Optimization tutorials series, we’ll learn most important SEO components according to 2014-15 which are “Keyword Density”, “Keyword Proximity”, “Keyword Prominence”, “Google Hummingbird”, “Google Panda”, “Google Penguin”, “Domain Authrity”, “Page Authority”, “Bing Webmaster Tools”,”Google Webmaster Tools”, “Quality Backlinks” and […]


Social Media: The new propaganda war tool – BBC News

The Arab Spring woke the world up to the power of social media like Twitter and Facebook to effect huge political change. But now in the latest conflicts throughout the Middle East, the internet has become an instrument of terror as well. ISIS has released horrific footage of atrocities it’s committed, to frighten and demoralise […]


SEO Bangla Tutorial (Part-1)

Read full article: Bangla Tutorial (Part-1)


SEO Training Tutorial – Best SEO Training Tutorial for Search Engine Optimization

If you’re serious about link building and SEO, use these 2 tools. LINK EMPEROR and PENNY BACKLINKS – I updated this video in 2014, so it’s relevant. In this SEO Training Tutorial, you will learn the best SEO training techniques used by the pros. The software that the pros use is and […]


SEO For Dummies: How To Rank In Google

So what is SEO and how can you use it to get your sites to rank in Google? Well in this video I’ll explain it all to you – in plain English. I’ll show you the simple SEO tips and techniques that I use to get all of my niche sites to rank in the […]


SEO Training Series 2014 – Video 1 of 11 – Introduction

This complete and high-quality training guide will surely help you to learn everything there is to know in order to easily and effectively position your online or offline business on the first Page of the Search Engines in the shortest time possible, as well as how to leverage this amazing and extremely powerful source of […]


Social Media and News – Is it Reliable?

The role of news in social media was examined by the Pew Research Center who reported that the top three social media sites from which people get their news are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and three in ten American adults get at least some of their news through Facebook. Lissette Padilla and Gabriel Mizrahi discuss […]


Advanced SEO Training 1

Advanced SEO Training 1 from the moz [H.Q.] Click on the Subscribe button for more videos!Advanced SEO Training 1


SEO Tutorial for Beginners

SEO tutorial for beginners explains how to search engine optimize a web site for higher Google ranking results, this video lesson showing basics of SEO Video session that details step by step instructions for achieving better Google ranking results for websites. Importance of adhering to on page search engine optimization elements and particularly focuses on […]